Wide-Screen Aficionados Stop Here

Posted on: April 16, 2013

Like a box of See’s candies…which should I try first?…

Bob Furmanek’s web site,, is a great place to read about the golden age of 3D movies.  The only problem is selecting which article to read first!   They are all well-researched, fun to read, and supported by vintage articles and advertising materials.

I clicked on “Widescreen Documentation,” and got some questions answered about my own films:

“SHOOTS ‘SINS’ at KTTV:  Robert L. Lippert, Jr., tomorrow moves his “Sins of Jezebel” company from Chatsworth location site to sound stage at KTTV studio.  Ansco color feature starring Paulette Goddard is being filmed for “all-purpose” wide screen.  All camera set-ups and Frank Sylos’ sets are planned for 2-to-1 widescreen ratio.  Consequently director Reginald Le Borg is shooting a minimum of close-ups.” —  Variety 5/15/53:

THE SINS OF JEZEBEL (Lippert/1954) with Paulette Goddard and George Nader, began filming on location in Chatsworth, CA on May 13, 1953, and was the first widescreen feature to begin shooting for the 2.1 ratio.  Universal-International adopted it but didn’t begin filming in 2.1 until June 3, with BORDER RIVER.  Producer Robert L. Lippert, Jr. told me Paulette Goddard, a star on the way down, was paid $20,000 for her role as Jezebel, and she was happy to get it.  He said the movie was shot in color, a luxury seldom seen in a Lippert production,  because Ansco wanted to get producers to use its “Ansco Color” process, and was willing to extend credit to his notoriously penurious father, studio-head, Robert L. Lippert, Sr.

THE GREAT JESSE JAMES RAID (Lippert/1954) in Ansco color, starring Willard Parker, Barbara Payton and Tom Neal,  began filming April 1, 1953 for 1.37:1. It was released on July 17, 1953 and adapted to widescreen, as was SHANE, THUNDER BAY, YOUNG BESS and many others.

BLACK GLOVE (UK: FACE THE MUSIC) (Lippert/1954) starring Alex Nicol, was the first Lippert-Hammer/Exclusive co-production released in widescreen (1.8).  It premiered in the United States on Jan. 29, 1954, and in the U.K. through Exclusive Films on Feb. 22, 1954.

*  Ansco also extended lab deferrals on Lippert Jr’s. MASSACRE and THE BLACK PIRATES, both 1956.   Some of the trailers were printed in Technicolor.  The domestic picture negative to THE BLACK PIRATES  is lost, and the Spanish Language picture negative (it was a U.S.-Mexico co-production) survives, but is in poor condition.


THE GREAT JESSE JAMES RAID, RENEGADE GIRL (Screen Guild/1946) with Ann Savage and Alan Curtis, RETURN OF JESSE JAMES (Lippert/1950) with John Ireland and Ann Dvorak, GUNFIRE (Lippert/1950) with Don “Red” Barry and Robert Lowery, DALTON GANG (Lippert/1949) with Don “Red” Barry and Robert Lowery, and I SHOT BILLY THE KID (Lippert/1951) with Don “Red” Barry and Robert Lowery.


SINS OF JEZEBEL and QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS (Screen Guild/1947) with Robert Lowery and Patricia Morrison


BLACK GLOVE [UK: Face the Music] (Lippert/1954) and DEADLY GAME [UK:  Third Party Risk] (Lippert/1954)* with Lloyd Bridges and Simone Silva.


MASSACRE (Fox/1956)* with Dan Clark and James Craig, SHOTGUN (Allied Artists/1955)* in Technicolor, with Sterling Hayden and Yvonne De Carlo, FOUR FAST GUNS (Universal/1959)* in CinemaScope, with James Craig and Martha Vickers, DEPUTY MARSHAL (Lippert/1949) with Jon Hall and Frances Langford, THREE DESPERATE MEN (Lippert/1951) with Preston Foster and Virginia Grey and OUTLAW WOMEN (Howco/1952) in Cinecolor, with Marie Windsor and Richard Rober.

*Widescreen 16X9 versions.


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