Missing in Action!

Posted on: October 8, 2014


There are movies which Kit Parker Films owns rights but cannot find suitable elements.  Maybe you can help!


“God’s Country” (Lippert/1946)

Original Cinecolor nitrate negative decomposed in the 1960s. 35mm and 16mm black and white duplicate negative and sound track survive.


“Highway 13” (Lippert/1948)

Not really missing, but we had to use the 16mm negative which was less than optimal.  I was told not to bother because the whole movie took less than 3 days to produce but, hey, it’s a mini-masterpiece!


“Rawhide Trail” (Terry and Lyon-Allied Artists/1958)

Nothing at all. The Allied Artists library was split between Warner Bros. and Paramount years ago, but this independent production was not among them.


“Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case” (Republic/1941)

Nitrate negative decomposed. Not released to television so no duplicate negatives produced.


“The Incredible Face of Dr. B”

and “House of Frights”

Mexican films from 1963 that were also released in English language versions. Although the Spanish negatives survive, the English versions apparently do not.


“Let’s Live Again” (Seltzer-Fox/1948)

Only a mediocre 16mm negative and print survive.


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4 Responses to "Missing in Action!"

Hi Kit!

Strange echoes – I catalogued THE BLACK PIRATES, RAWHIDE TRAIL and LET’S LIVE AGAIN for the AFI!

And, I have actually been in the village of Panchimalco where PIRATES was shot!

There’s a crew coming from Spain at the end of the month, doing a show about Antonio Moreno, and want to interview
me about the eleven films he made here in Spanish!

Trust all are well.



Bob Dickson
Archive Processor

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Margaret Herrick Library
333 S. La Cienega Boulevard • Beverly Hills, CA 90211

310.247.3000 x2283 •


Bob –

Would love to know where the prints came from!




Any updates on Mr District Attorney in the Carter Case? I’d love to see the negative in any form. Is that available in any way? Thanks!


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