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High-definition is a given today, but we make decisions whether or not to release Blu-rays based on two different factors: 1). Success of Blu-rays on similar movies released by our former distributor, VCI Entertainment, and 2). Customer response, garnered from surveys, blogs, social media and emails.

When we announced a high def digital restoration of WHEN COMEDY WAS KING and GO, JOHNNY, GO! we received little input asking about Blu-ray availability. Those that asked said they would buy the DVD if there were no Blu-ray: “Yes… I was just wondering if you were also going to release on Blu-ray.” It is surprising how many of our customers report that they don’t even own Blu-ray players.

We received terrific press coverage from many bloggers and the print media on these two titles. All the critics remarked about the terrific image and audio quality, and virtually paid little attention to the fact Blu-rays were not available.

I have no objection to producing Blu-rays if the demand is there, but given we are a small company, it doesn’t make sense for us to spend the time, money and hassle of producing and stocking both DVDs and Blu-rays at Amazon for the majority of our titles.

We did get requests for Blu-rays for the documentary, “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” (1975), which is a time capsule covering just before The Great Depression until the beginning of WWII. It tells the story of the 1930s using archive footage and clips from Hollywood movies (especially Busby Berkeley musicals and crime dramas starring James Cagney). Renowned artist and filmmaker, Philippe Mora skillfully created the feel of the era by allowing the footage to tell the story on its own and without added narration. Maybe it took an artist born in France, and living in Australia, to give us such a captivating visual perspective of 1930s America. I first saw it in 1975 at the Dream Theatre in Monterey, CA, and have seen it many times since.

Personally, it seems somewhat of an odd choice for a Blu-ray, but customers’ requests get serious consideration at The Sprocket Vault – so let’s see how many orders are ordered on Blu-ray versus our high-definition DVD’s.

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