Welcome to Kit Parker Films!

Today my library has grown to over two hundred feature films and many early television episodes.   I own the Lippert Pictures, Medallion TV Enterprises, and the Weiss Global Enterprises libraries, and many independent productions.

In 1971 I founded Kit Parker Films as a 16mm non-theatrical film library.  Later on we expanded into 35mm distribution of major studio classics and specialty films to theatres.  Along the way we also co-produced television programs and released home videos.  In 1999 I saw my first DVD, and was amazed by the quality; and I knew right away the days of film libraries were numbered.  The very next day I started the long process of closing down my film exchange. 

It was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to concentrate fully on my passion of locating and restoring “orphan films,” movies that have been out of sight for decades.  I became a detective with a mission to locate the present owners of these “orphans.”  It involved a great deal of sleuthing and patience as the original producers and copyright owners were long deceased, and the negatives scattered around the world.

My success has been gratifying, and wouldn’t have been possible without a life-long interest in the historical aspects of independent producers, the distribution of their movies, and the physical properties of motion picture film as well.

If you have any questions please email me at


All the best,

Kit Parker



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